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You can no longer list your home with an agent who simply puts your home in the MLS and waits for buyers to come to them.  Buyers are more educated and self sufficient than ever before.  With the endless amounts of information available on the internet and the availability to look at thousands of homes without ever leaving the house, you must hire an agent that has a multi-faceted marketing plan that includes innovative ways to reach as many buyers as possible.


Our advertising campaign is customized to each individual home and captures every detail to set your home apart from the competition.

Who will you be working with?


Alise Roberts


Brea Wilder


Bethanie Ferrando

Did you know that buyers spend an average of 6 minutes in a home, but form an opinion in the first 15 seconds!


We guide you through the 40 step process and 20 people involved to reach a successful sale!

  1. Inspectors

  2. Lenders

  3. Escrow Officers

  4. Title Representatives

  5. Listing Agent/Seller

  6. Appraisers

  7. And More!

We offer FREE extensive advertising on every house we sell! 

1. High-End Video Tours.

2. Home Staging ($4,000 Value)

3. Beautiful HDR Photography

High-End Video Tour Example


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