Before and After Reveal: Montaire of Kirkland




We LOVED staging this gorgeous Kirkland home! With stunning features like an upscale kitchen and a jaw-dropping master suite, it wasn't hard to make this house really stand out. We did face challenges with the massive room sizes, but we really love the results! Staging is such a vital piece of selling a home. A large vacant area can be overwhelming, but by using styling and design techniques we are able to give prospective buyers an idea of how they might live in the home. We love that these before and after photos show just how dramatically staging changes a room! Check out these great photos, and some fun design tips and methods we used when we staged the different spaces of this property!



This large living space may seem intimidating when you see it as an empty room. Staging such a big area isn’t easy! We wanted to make this area feel warm, which can be difficult with a massive room. One of the keys to connecting everything in a big space is to balance the room through the use of repeated color.

Design Tip:  You may not notice this little trick when you first walk in, but all of the artwork in this room ties together with themes and colors used in other areas of the room. This creates harmony within the spaces. Because this space was so large, we used two facing couches on either side of the mantle and added two armchairs facing the fireplace to really draw your eye to the center of the room. 



This kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. With a kitchen like this, we wanted to keep decor simple and let the kitchen speak for itself! Simple greenery and a few select pieces were just enough to create a fresh and minimal feel. 

Design Tip: Play off of the original features when styling the space. Because the lights had a great mix of industrial glam, we styled the bar area with these gorgeous steel-based stools with wooden seats that also tie into the dining table! 



This formal dining room is the perfect mix of cozy neutral and modern sophistication. Using neutral colors that feel light and airy help to make this room feel calm and inviting rather than formal and stuffy. The beautiful box beam ceiling really stands out so we kept the chairs and rug simple and neutral so it wouldn't compete with the ceiling architecture.

Design Tip: Use the main focal point of the room — in this case, the dining table — as the inspiration for the rest of the room design. This table is white marble, but actually has a lot of warm tones. Because of the warmth, we chose gold-toned frames and very simple art. We included clean white roses as the centerpiece to bring out the cooler tones of the table.



This downstairs area is perfect for entertaining. The built-in bar, large living space, and sliding doors to the beautiful yard make this room any hosts dream! This massive sectional was luckily left by the seller and really helps give the room a proportional feel. Due to the dark brown shade of the couch, we styled it with very light, neutral pillows to break up the heaviness.

Design Tip: We tucked the cords up behind the TV to create a cleaner look, and used this great console table to balance out the wall space so that the TV doesn’t just feel like it’s floating on the wall!




This room is the epitome of luxury! We wanted this room to be a really comfortable place to be. With light and neutral shades, warm textures, and simple design, this room is effortlessly serene.

Design Tip: If you’re mounting a TV in a master bedroom, style the area below it with something soft and inviting. TV's and electronics can add a cold and unappealing aspect to a bedroom. So instead of putting a console table below it, we added a soft bench with pillows to balance this out and keep the room inviting and tranquil.



Isn’t this bathroom gorgeous? We love the use of stunning Carrera marble on the wall and shower, gorgeous freestanding bathtub, and natural light. Simple greenery accents and resort-like white towels give this room a spa-like quality.

Design Tip: Don’t forget about the shower! To pull some added attention to this gorgeous shower, we added a plant and some objects. This small detail is an awesome way to keep the theme consistent and add an unexpected touch of fun! Placing it in the corner brings the eye to the far end of the shower and helps show buyers just how big this massive enclosure really is.



The original owners used this room as a guest room, but we really felt like it would be a great bonus room for prospective buyers to imagine! With the couch area on one side and a kids area on the other, this room feels like a fun place for the whole family! It also shows buyers that they can use the basement level as a guest suite and still have a bonus room upstairs.

Design Tip: When touring homes, children can get impatient and tired. We love to design a kids nook somewhere in the house so that the kids can be occupied and let the parents have a little more time to linger. When families are looking at homes, kids are immediately drawn to fun spaces like this!

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