American Dream: We're On TV!

We have some fun news that we are SO excited to share with you! Alise Roberts and Company has officially been featured in the American Dream TV show! American Dream is “a national show, integrating YOUR local experts to help empower YOUR American Dream!” This show’s fantastic vision is to inspire, empower, and teach all sorts of ways to become leaders in different industries. You can watch the American Dream series on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, or online!

Alise Roberts and Company has the amazing opportunity to be featured once a month as a local Real Estate professional. It is a huge honor to be chosen for such a wonderful role on this show, and it also gives us the opportunity to take things out of the office and share our success with the world.

Each month we come up with a fun and interesting topic to share about such as the neighborhood of Renton. As you must know by now, we LOVE creating community through our Real Estate company and this is a great outlet to reach the greater Seattle area and share more about fun events, neighborhoods, and even Real Estate tips and tricks. Finding a home in a neighborhood with a strong sense of community is so important, but learning about neighborhoods and the surrounding areas can be so difficult even with the internet! We love sharing little bits on areas like Kennydale and Renton so you can be more informed about the greater Seattle area and consider new places that you might not have known about!

Alise Roberts and Company leads the Seattle Real Estate Market in customer satisfaction. You truly don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn a few of our secrets and find out what has made us such a successful Real Estate company. With the current digital age of social media and online sources, there are so many types of information coming at you from all sides. We want to use this platform to give you information that is not only straight to the point but also tried and true and can bring you real results.

We just finished filming our third video that talks all about how to get the highest price when selling a home. These tips are vital to helping you sell your home and we are so excited to share them with you so you can watch the results, and see the offers come in!

There are four components that we feel are essential to selling your home for the maximum dollar.

  1. PRICING. Instead of pricing a home at the top price, try pricing your home for a little less, and watch as your home gets many more showings and offers! Pricing a tad lower could result in multiple offers and even a bidding war! The faster you get an offer, the higher the price you’ll get.

  2. PRESENTATION. Presentation is a vital part of getting results. This means fixing things, detailing the interior, cleaning up the landscaping, and even considering a new coat of paint or replacing the carpet. It gives such a fantastic impression to buyers and will help them feel like the house was well-maintained.

  3. MARKETING. Good marketing means more success. You MUST have an extensive marketing plan that is implemented from day one. This should include impressive online presentation, beautiful print media, and high-end photos and videos. If your home is marketed right, it’s going to tell the world it’s something special and that they better rush out to see it before it’s sold.

  4. NEGOTIATING. Make sure that your agent is skilled in the art of negotiation. If your agent impresses you, impresses potential buyers, and has a track record of selling homes for higher prices than the competition, then you know you’ve got yourself a full package deal!

These four components will help you sell your home for the highest price possible. Watch the full video below for more information and stay tuned for new videos every month!

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